JFA Dan grading July 2017

Once you have your brown belt, there are two ways to achieve your first Dan (black belt) in Judo. The first is to fight, consecutively and without rest, five brown or black belt judoka and win each by ippon.  This requires a level of endurance, skill and stamina that requires you to be at the top of your game.

The second way is to perform a specified demonstration of technique, collected in a formula of movements called the kata, before a panel of 2nd Dan judoka or higher.  At the JFA Dan grading on the 2nd of July, Gary Fong performed Nage No Kata with his partner Duncan Capel and was graded to 1st Dan. Completing this kata demands good demonstration of judo techniques, etiquette and is achieved with hours upon hours of practice. Full congratulations is merited to Gary. Congrats congrats.kata1 kata2 kata3 kata4 kata5