Sydney University Judo Club

Meet Our Instructors

At SUJC we strive to provide our members with the best judo experience possible. This is why we seek the best black belt instructors possible. Take some time to get to know them below.

Randall Jones - Instructor

Kristof Frankowski


Kristof Frankowski is an IJF accredited 6th dan black belt and a professional Judo coach and personal trainer. He is a four time veteran World Championship gold medalist, six time silver, and four time bronze, and has represented Poland, New Zealand, and Australia internationally. Kristof additionally has extensive experience in other martial arts and is active in Sambo and MMA, a certified instructor of Krav Maga, and a 6th dan black belt in Jujitsu. Additionally, Kristof is the longest continually active high level competitive judoka in the world, having begun an international career in 1970 that continues to the present day.

Kristof teaches at the Sydney University Judo club on Mondays, and runs an advanced class on Tuesday, both from 5:30-7:30PM.

Randall Jones - Instructor

Randall Jones


Since 1978, Randall has been coaching at SUJC, devoting his efforts into supporting the Club and helping to keep judo thriving at the University. As a coach, Randall focuses on supporting the diverse range of students that a university judo club attracts, teaching judo not only as a competitive sport but as an exercise in physical, mental and emotional development. A particular focus for him has always been to support the additional needs of women in judo, using the sport to raise their self-awareness, improve confidence and learn self defence techniques in a useful and successful way.

He runs a technical women’s class on Wednesdays, coaches men and women on Thursdays, co-coaches with Kristof Frankowski on Mondays and is available to assist developing players on Saturdays.  (see timetable).

Andrew Roberts - Instructor

Andrew Roberts

Assistant Coach

Andrew Roberts is a first dan black belt who began judo in 2008 with extensive experience in a range of other sports and martial arts, having already represented Australia internationally in Ssireum. He quickly established a successful competitive Judo career that has led to him winning multiple state and national Australian titles.

Andrew has substantial national and international training experience, including recently at the elite Judo facility in the famous Yong In University in South Korea. His coaching style focuses primarily on competitive judo. Andrew enjoys teaching, and is inspired by helping every student achieve their maximum potential as an athlete, and takes pride in the high standard of Judo cultivated in the Sydney University Judo Club.

Andrew Roberts coaches competition style randori on Sundays from 5:30-7:30pm.