Sydney University Judo Club

Founded in 1954 by Gary Grennan and Andy Shepherd, the Sydney University Judo Club is the oldest judo club in Australia.

Over the last four decades, SUJC has trained nine Olympians and numerous Australian representatives. SUJC is run by students and has black-belt instructors with international experience.

The club’s training programme includes classes tailored for both beginners and experts, as well as dedicated women’s classes. Numerous social activities and competitions are organised both within the club and with clubs at other universities.

What is judo

what is JUDO

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What is judo


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What is judo

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Why do Judo

Judo consists of throwing and grappling techniques to suit all shapes and sizes. It is a real fighting sport where you actually come to grips with your opponent, specialising in close-in fighting – just what you need for effective self-defence. It emphasises free-form practice rather than rigid, repetitive routines, and this freedom of expression provides interest, enjoyment and a challenge for any tactician.

The benefits of judo are numerous. Apart from having a lot of fun and meeting people, the ‘judoka’ develops confidence, coordination and balance, falling skills, efficiency of movement, and self-defence skills. It is the perfect activity for improving one’s physical fitness, as training in judo improves aerobic capacity, flexibility and strength, and is an excellent activity to complement other sports. Indeed the principles of judo can not only be applied to other sports, but as a way of approaching and living life.