2018 NSW State Titles

Sydney University Judo Club

Club members were put off going to the state titles but found it to be at the same competition level as the Illawarra Kyu Grades – this may have been due to the simultaneous Oceania Tournament. Frantically cutting weight, cranky and training with jumpers on, it was a relief to see so many happy faces on Sunday. Ririko Noda was … Read More

Bowing for life

Sydney University Judo Club

Do you know why we should bow to your partner/ opponent? There are 2 main bows: RITSUREI and ZAREI. Ritsurei (standing bow). The judoka stands with arms straight down and hands on the outside of the thighs. Heels are together with big toes about 3 inches apart As the judoka bends forward at the waist, the hands move down and … Read More

2018 July Kyu Grades

Sydney University Judo Club

Coaches Ririko, Yuki and Gaby attended and supervised. At Olympic Park, Mattias Gullien, Francis Doyle, Charlie Follett, Nathanial and Jordan Min, and Mirei Kikuchi fought in the Kyu Grades Tournament in July. Our kids achieved fantastic results. These are the results for our brave students: Mirei: Bronze medal Jordan: Silver medal Charlie: Bronze medal Frances: Bronze medal Mattias: Tied 3rd … Read More

2018 Hunter Spring Championships

Look at all those medals!

SUJC and SUJC Juniors players competed in Hunter Winter Open 2018 on Sunday 29 July 2019. Rachel Mak, Ten Nou Heika, Olexander Shenchenko, Yekatia, Gunhee Min and Ririko Noda From the Juniors club, Mirei Kikuchi fought 3 bouts in the team tournament and 3 bouts in the mixed individual competition. She won all 6 games with Ippon. She was awarded … Read More

2018 November Inter-Club Comp

Sydney University Judo Club

UNSW hosted another inter-club comp on November 25th 2019 at UNSW Gym. It was a good introductory comp used to get our lower belt graded players some tournament practice and get to know other clubs.  

2018 University Nationals

Sydney University Judo Club

The club sent a mens and two womens teams to the University Nationals (replacing the brand Uni Games). While the men didn’t quite make it to the pedestal the women’s team A received bronze and there were some fantastic individual fights.  

2018 Club Championships

Sydney University Judo Club

SUJC Club Championship Results – 2018 58 – 73kg 1st – Nur Fadli 2nd – Gunhee Min 3rd – William Lum 72 – 85kg 1st – Andrew Roberts 2nd – Douwe Epema 3rd – Hidayat Imran 93 – 106kg 1st – George Khoklov 2nd – Mike Khang 3rd – Greg Walsh 76 – 90kg Green Belt Division 1st – Luis … Read More

2018 Judo Club Annual Dinner and Coaches Appreciation

Sydney University Judo Club

Randall was awarded a Budokan belt embroidered with his name. In recognition of, we think, the longest competitive current judoka, Kristof received a sword, which he appeared to love. Catriona, Gaby, Yuki, Martin, Micheal, and Ririko recieved a coaches pin with their name as a token of appreciation for the kids classes. It was a buffet at the USU venue … Read More