2018 December Summer Hunter Championships

2018 Summer Hunter Championships all compeditors

The Hunter tournaments feature a teams event, a Demonstration Cup for those who can do Kata or other demonstrations, and separate intermediate (Orange-Green) and Advanced (Blue-Brown) as well as Open divisions where numbers permit. Junior Judo Coach Yuki Uemura assisted in refereeing the competition running on December 2nd 2018.

All Sydney University Judo Club members came back with one or more medals.

Senior Results:
Mike Zhang won gold đŸ„‡in individuals
Ten Nou Heika silver đŸ„ˆin individuals, gold đŸ„‡from teams
Senior Boys Results:
Dimitri Giantsios won a gold medalđŸ„‡ from individuals, silver đŸ„ˆ from teams
Mirei Kikuchi won silver đŸ„ˆ from individuals, silver đŸ„ˆ from teams, and was awarded the judo spirit trophy  🏆

In Judo competitions sometimes you test your limits and adaptability as an athlete.

Dimitri, who has been training in the adult classes, fought first in U55 kg and won, then his coach and parents made the decision to bring him up two categories and play in the U65 kg division. Dimitri fought and won against 24 yr old Hannah Taylor, ten years his senior.

For our junior player Mirei – it was a mixed competition and Mirei fought the boys.  In her first match, she won by ippon in 20 seconds against an older, taller and higher belt boy. She worked hard, but lost the next two fights by ippon-seoi-nage (shoulder throw). In the middle of the tournament, Coach Yuki taught her how to counter against a shoulder throw and then, quick as winking, she used it in her 4th match.

Dimirtri Giantsios and his opponent Hannah Taylor

Dimirtri Giantsios and his opponent Hannah Taylor

2018 Summer Hunter Championships Dimitri and Coach Yuki 2018 Summer Hunter Championships Mireis Judo Spirit Award