2018 Hunter Spring Championships

Look at all those medals!
SUJC and SUJC Juniors players competed in Hunter Winter Open 2018 on Sunday 29 July 2019.
Rachel Mak, Ten Nou Heika, Olexander Shenchenko, Yekatia, Gunhee Min and Ririko Noda
From the Juniors club, Mirei Kikuchi fought 3 bouts in the team tournament and 3 bouts in the mixed individual competition. She won all 6 games with Ippon. She was awarded the gold medal for the individual and was presented another gold medal for MVP (Judo Spirit – Most Valued Player). Well done, Mirei!

Supervised by Coach Ririko Noda

A number of Sydney Uni players attended Рlink to SUSF article https://www.susf.com.au/article/hunter-winter-open-produces-great-results