2017 Kosen Judo Championship

2017 kosen tournament

The Kosen Judo Championship is the only tournament where groundwork fighting (newaza randori) is allowed to continue without flowing continuation of technique. This, obviously, makes it the best tournament of the year, but it normally attracts a relatively small number of players.

The teams event kicked off the morning with Willoughby beating Zenbu and UNSW.

Gaby Marosz¬†and George Hohlov ¬†were Sydney Uni’s only competitors and both fought well. Gaby brought her UNSW opponent to the mat and won with a hold down. Meeting again in the second round her opponent retired from an ankle injury.

George beat his first and heavier opponent and while he wasn’t as successful he held his own against his next two opponents- a much heavier black belt and the experienced Jordan Smith from UNSW.

Karl Zuvela from Willoughby won the men’s final throwing Jordan Smith with a persistent Uchi Mata.

Support and report was provided by Patrick Lewis.